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VDaemon Extension User Guide

The VDaemon Extension allows quick, easy and effective insertion of form user input validation code into php pages within Adobe Dreamweaver. No PHP coding knowledge is required to create typical form validation! At the same time the VDaemon Extension also assists skilled PHP developers in creating advanced validation solutions. Extension functionality is based on the VDaemon php library.

After installing the VDaemon Extension, the VDaemon tab appears in the Insert Panel. The VDaemon Extension is also accessible from the Insert menu.

We recommend you to begin learning the VDaemon Extension from the Tutorial section of VDaemon library help ( button on toolbar). After completing just five easy tutorial steps, you will know how to use the VDaemon for quickly and effectively validating web forms.

VDaemon tags highlighting

If you want to enable highlighting of VDaemon elements do not forget to turn the following Dreamweaver preferences on:
Preferences -> Highlighting -> Third-Party Tags


- Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 or CS3, Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 or MX 2004
- Adobe Extension Manager