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VDaemon Adobe Dreamweaver Extension

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Form validation tool

An important aspect of creating Web Form pages is to be able to validate that the information users enter is correct. Handling errors in a Web Forms is a mandatory task for any true professional. It is not a difficult job to write this on PHP or JavaScript, but writing this more than once can quickly become a tedious nightmare.

What is VDaemon?
VDaemon is a PHP library that grants an easy-to-use but powerful way to check user input for errors, and, if necessary, display messages to the user.

What can VDaemon do?
VDaemon performs server-side validation using PHP and client-side validation using JavaScript.

VDaemon can perform wide range of validation tasks. It includes mandatory fields validation, validation for properly formatted value (currently supported types are e-mail address, zip codes for US, Canada and UK, US phone number, IP address, date and time in various formats, integer and floaf numbers, currency), comparing entered value to the predefined value or to another form element value, validating against regular expression pattern and more.

VDaemon allows combining validation rules into logical expressions of any complexity. It gives possibility to create a conditional validation.

VDaemon allows to highlight invalid form elements and/or corresponding labels by assigning them an alternative CSS styles. It automatically sets focus to the first invalid form element.

VDaemon can collect and display all error messages in one place on a page.

VDaemon leaves the behaviour of HTML forms unchanged. This allows easy incorporation of VDaemon validation into existing web sites.

VDaemon produces XHTML compliant code.

And more ...

PHP version 4.2.0 or later is required for server-side validation.

Client-side validation is supported for the following browsers:
- IE 5 and later
- Firefox 1.0 and later
- Opera 7 and later
- Netscape 7 and later
- Safari 2.0 and later

VDaemon v3.1.0 released (6/1/2009)
See what's new in version 3.1.0

VDaemon Adobe Dreamweaver Extension v3.1 was released. If you have Dreamweaver CS4, CS3, 8 or MX 2004 don't miss this great opportunity to decrease form validation development time.

You can find Getting Started Tutorial and VDaemon tags and attributes reference in the online documentation

To see VDaemon v3 in action visit VDaemon v3 Samples section

To ask your questions visit our Forum

Starting from version 3.1.0 VDaemon is available under a free license.

Version 3.1.0
Released 6/1/2009

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